Vihaan Jagtiani| 18| Singapore

Hello visitor! Glad you stumbled across my blog. I started this blog in the beginning of 2013 and hoped to become a regular blogger, as the world of blogging has always fascinated me.

I try blogging once in at least 10 days, but do forgive me if my posts aren’t always updated as school and my laziness cause me to slack off easily.

Anyway, posts that you might stumble upon are completely and solely based on my independent views and opinions. So feel free to leave your comments behind, share my posts on your social networking sites if you feel you want to.

Oh and one more thing, if you like the blog- follow it; and if you don’t like the blog, do follow it! (gives you something to talk about in hatred)

If you would like to contact me:

Follow me on Twitter: Vihaan_8

Instagram: vihaan8

Thank you internet people citizens 🙂

Happy reading


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