Training wheels

And so it dawns upon me. The change. The excitement. The final goodbyes. They all inch so ever close. Days pass by like mere minutes. Life’s moving too fast for me. I always was looking forward to this next step. I still am; it’s what I’m leaving behind which scares me. As I write this, memories, relationships, moments, events and occasions fly by my mind. I owe a lot to these four years- I lost and discovered myself over a million times; I grew up; I built relationships and I learnt a lot of what life has to offer.
It’s no lie that I’m scared. It’s the good scared. Leaving behind these relationships and moving away from my family to fend for myself. It’s tough but ever so real.
I think I’m ready but, then again, could you ever be so ready for something you’re not sure of what to expect from.
Leaving to university means saying bye to a lot of people I love and the scariest bit is not knowing if you’re ever going to keep in touch with the people you hold ever so dear right now.
I guess it’s a leap of faith we all have to take and experience for ourselves.
To those doing the same, I wish them and myself all the best. The training wheels have to come off at some point.


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