“No one likes a one trick pony…” Four people on what they would tell their 19 year old selves.


I would tell myself to continue on with my education. Things actually get more easier as you get older. You have more resources and freedom to avoid things that you want to avoid and do things that you want to do.

Education is empowering- the more education you have, the more freedom you have.

And that’s what I think I needed to hear. I was in university and I found it quite challenging and I think that this kind of encouragement, just to stick with it and not to get stressed out.



  • Get a respectable body- be it through gymming or swimming. Please!
  • Don’t lose sight of your passions. Continue to watch Centre Court finals, or drool over Wenger’s diplomacy- this was my life then, please let it be my life now.
  • Focus. You’re there for a reason; you know what that reason is, and only you know it. Don’t even think about deviating.
  • Keep an emotional relationship with those you’re supposed to!
  • Broaden your music taste. Indie and alternative won’t cut it (that being said, don’t go back on Dubstep, yuck!)



  • Never trust too early. That being said, be fiercely loyal to those you trust.
  • Every setback happens for a reason. Always ensure you have options.
  • Conform to your terms. Always pursue happiness, not money.



  • Know the difference between motivation and obsession. A lot of times you’ve freaked out about things that in the long run, don’t matter. Have balance. Do your best and kill it, but when you don’t, it’s okay.
  • Follow through with something beyond academics; something new- no one likes a one trick pony.  You’ve started 43506 other things but never finished them. Start something, finish it. See how you feel at the end, then keep going.
  • Never give up your morals for anyone else- anyone worth it won’t make you change them. I’ve  lost a lot of respect for people who did. Don’t be that person.
  • Don’t say anything about someone that you wouldn’t say to their face.  It’s a conniving thing that small people do. Whatever you say, make sure you have the audacity to straight up say it to someones face.
  • Know your priorities. Family first (call mother often). No matter what happens, they are the only people who will have your back 5460890694%. You love them the most- make sure they know that.

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