Get Down to Doing it

There are always things you tell yourself that you will do at “some stage in your life”. Don’t kid yourself saying you’ll do it one day, or next year, because next year, when the time comes, you’ll postpone it to the year following. If you want something or want to say something just go ahead and do it.

  1. If there’s always a place you’ve wanted to visit or travel, save up and go there. There’s no point looking at photos online and sighing about how you’re unable to go there, and that you would if you really could.
  2. There’s no point telling yourself, “I’ll start reading that book once my life gives me time”. Hold up right there, life doesn’t give you time. It’s always going to be one thing or another. You just have to make time for something, if you’re serious about it.
  3. If you want to be with someone, there’s no point hiding about how you feel, hoping somehow they would magically, through the mysteries of the universe find out. Be bold, be straight up and just tell them. It saves you the “what ifs” thoughts and you won’t hate yourself.
  4. We all have the band we’d want to check off our bucket list. Stalk them, find tour dates, get tickets and go watch them. You’ll thank yourself
  5. Get out of your comfort zone once in a while. Go out, talk to people you wouldn’t usually talk to and socialise much more.
  6. Stop going around people’s backs if you have issues with them. If you do, confront them straight up and address the issue.
  7. Visit your old ‘favourite places’. Visit places you’ve had bad memories at- get over the emotions and realise you’re a new person altogether.
  8. If there’s something you’ve wanted to learn- a skill or an instrument, just go out, sign up for classes and do it. If you keep pushing it forward, you’re never going to get down to doing it. There’s probable no time better than right now to start.
  9. Lastly, create some reflective time for yourself. If you are able to be comfortable with your own company and you get over the lonely feeling, you’ll realise that you’re a much more secure person on the whole.

“The universe with its endless possibilities is waiting for you to ask…ask for what you want.”


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