Early Decisions

Life has its ways of hitting you in the gut, and this weekend, it did exactly that.

Probably the worst feeling is getting rejected, and sometimes it’s getting rejected from your dream, which tends to hurt doubly as hard. This weekend, I realised that I got turned out from my dream university. The build up: anticipation; waking up in cold sweats randomly at night refreshing your email and nervousness all came to a quick and abrupt end.

It didn’t hit me hard the evening I got the email, but the next morning, I had to convince myself to fight through the feelings and carry on like it was a normal day. It takes a lot to get out of bed fighting.

But as they say, there’s always some good that comes from rejection and failure. It made me realise that even though life deals you 2 and a 7, you just have to realise when to fold. Then you realise that the only way you form new goals and dreams are by old ones not being met.

Sometimes, you just have to come out swinging at life and hit whatever life throws at you out of the park, because one failure, or multiple failures don’t define you. You define you- and once you learn that, life can throw boulders at you, but you won’t move an inch.

So here’s to more broken dreams, new successes and a stronger you.


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