Redundant Things We’re all guilty off

So here’s a list of things we do, which in hindsight are the most pointless things ever…

  1. That moment when you open your fridge door way too often, it’s about to fall off (not because you’re hungry, but because you’re bored and you wanna see if something magically made itself since the last 17 seconds)
  2. Unlock your phone, scroll through all the pages, lock it and leave it. (Hoping your phone finally has something exciting on it)
  3. When you “pull down to refresh” your Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat apps every second to see if there’s a new post
  4. Refreshing your Notifications page on Facebook when you just posted something
  5. Stalking that same person you did on Facebook or Twitter just a few minutes ago…
  6. Check your fridge again (seriously stop)
  7. Refreshing your newsfeed on Facebook every 5 seconds
  8. Going “online” every two minutes on your Facebook mobile app to see if there’s anyone interesting to talk to
  9. Scrolling through your chat list, then realising you hate everyone and go back “offline”
  10. Checking your phone for the time, then checking it again because you realised you forgot to read the time, the first time. (yeah this is quite confusing)
  11. Taking your glasses off, then realising you’re a blind rat without them so you put them back on
  12. This one’s for all the bloggers- refreshing your ‘stats’ page to see if you’ve gotten any views after just publishing  #logic (yup you’re not alone)

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