Authentically not authentic

So have you ever walked down the street, where you pass a street full of restaurants that shout, ‘AUTHENTIC MEXICAN CUISINE” or “STRAIGHT FROM NAPLES” and you go right in, hoping to avoid the tex-mex mainstream food you get and indulge in some authentic Mexican food.

And once you open the menu, you realise you’ve been made a fool out of through marketing. They just have Mexican names for the same store-bought nachos and salsa. There is no authentic food.

Authentically not authentic.

Well if you think about it, the odds of it being authentic would be close to slim. Especially if you’re in a country many miles away from Mexico. The chef is probably some non-mexican guy who figured out people are dying for real Mexican food, and therefore used the word “authentic” to entice the customers. Secondly, even if the chef is Mexican, it would be pretty hard to get the same ingredients you get in Mexico to make the meal. Lastly, he probably knows you don’t know what authentic Mexican really tastes like, so he just uses that tag to get you eating in his restaurant.

Similarly, amongst social groups, you try to conform and fit in, and by doing this, you give up a little of who you are to fit the circle,. You then convince yourself that it was probably better to lose yourself a little and the “new you” is the better you. The point is, you’re trying to be authentic with your social circle and yourself when you’re really not.

And that’s what differentiates authentic you from the salsa-off-the-shelf you.


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