My Adventures as a Bar Man: Nostalgia

Today was my last day, officially as a bartender. Honestly, I sort of miss it already. Yeah there were plenty of long hours, where I’d be in the bar till 3am, and some quite dull days, but for a good part of 4 weeks, this was my life. I had a mini family at the bar.

It was one thing I put on my bucket list a few years ago, and now it can be checked off. Everybody looks at bartenders and say how cool it is, and that they wish they could check it out and become a bar tender, and I did exactly that. Took the opportunity that was thrown at me.

Saying bye and thanking the managers for this chance was more dramatic than I expected. There’s always that feeling of familiarity that I will lose after today; people I’ve worked with that I will lose after today- and that’s probably the worst part of saying bye.

I guess, one of the most humbling experiences I went through was being addressed as ‘sir’ by the floor staff who are much more older and experienced than I am. Some context: the floor staff aren’t allowed to enter the bar, and aren’t allowed to touch any of the bar equipment. If they wanted water to drink, they had to ask for my permission and morally, that felt wrong. This man, one of the floor staff thanked me for pouring him this glass of water and I felt ashamed and embarrassed. But that’s what the conflict between morals and life is all about.

Although one thing I won’t regret since I stopped working- the dreaded coffee machine. I’ve had hot coffee, milk and boiling water spilt on me on numerous occasions, and when making the cup of coffee, there’s always this sense of rivalry- who can get the better of whom. Well at least that’s done with.

As this would be the last post of this category, I’d like to say that I did actually learn a lot- mixing drinks, working under time and pressure conditions, and the value of each dollar AND most  annoyingly, how the customer is always right. (Such a pain)

Thanks to all of you who read this mini-series

Till next time 🙂


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