My Adventures as a Bar Man: Day 1

Walking into school one day, my Teacher asked me if I wanted a Winter job to which I said yes to- A Bar Tender at Marina Bay Sands, you’d be stupid to refuse that.

So I started yesterday, eager to learn how to make and serve drinks, which always fascinated me. So I got there, on my first day, and all my enthusiasm was slowly washed away. My first job was to clean the bar fridge and then wipe the glasses. It really is a humbling profession. It teaches you what it is like working at the bottom of the food chain.

There is a lot to learn at the bar. The bar is considered your ‘house’ which therefore means you have to maintain it meticulously and keep it clean. The glasses are your ‘babies’ and must be treated with care- wiped dry, and spotless. Dates need to be put on mixers to manage the stock control and always hear for the order machine to tell you the incoming orders.

Usually as customers at bars, we  place our orders and whinge at the fact that the orders take forever to come. There’s a lot of operations involved once an order is placed, right from the bar man receiving it, to finding the correct glass and then decorating the drink that we seem to forget.

It’s a stressful and tiring job. I wasn’t allowed to make many of the drinks till the non-peak hours as it was my first day, and screwing up would mean slowing down orders and costing the bar money.

I eventually did pour 4 beers and learnt how to use the coffee machine, and made one mean latté.


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