10 Dumb Things Politicians Say…

We’ve all heard big words before major elections, and now we’ve just come to terms accepting the farce. Here’s a top 10 clichés used by politicians that we turn a deaf ear to:

1. “Work Hard, and Play by the rules…”

Errr….we do that, you guys- not so much.

2. “Let us…”

You know what, let’s not. WE work hard, and you guys yet remain in the world’s Top 2%

3. “Politics isn’t a game of clashing parties and competing interests”

It really is though…

4. “We will do great things!”

Invade another country? or Increase taxes?

5. “If we are elected you will have a friend”

Yuup, a “friend” . That’s what we’ll have

6. “Together we can achieve’

Yeah, we’re not going to buy that; good try though!

7.”Politics is broken, and it needs fixing”

Hahaha yeah, that’s why you’re running!

8. “It is a tough journey ahead”

Yeah, your Air Force One sure makes it seem easier though.

9. “There are no easy answers”

We really don’t expect any from you, don’t worry

10. “Our message is very clear”

Which is what, exactly?

If you have any more you’ve come across, leave them in the comments section below.

Till next time 🙂

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Instagram: vihaan8


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