The wonders of the Education System

This post is in no way an attack on the Education System, but just a thought on how the education system isn’t moving and adapting to the ever-changing realm we all live in.


I’m a student in an Internationally Recognised High-school system. This system is considered one of the best, most real-life and practical education systems there is in the world, yet, there is something the education system lacks. That is the fact that the education system doesn’t allow a student to utilise the potential of the system, in order to let that student excel in the real world.

Subjects we study don’t really train us for real life. Yeah, subjects like Economics, World-Politics and Management allow us to get a glimpse of what the future is like, but there are subjects such as Math and the natural sciences that haven’t progressed fast enough.

We still study Calculus and logarithms. Stuff we have had in mathematical history since centuries. Nowadays, we have computers to compute information such as these to do complex calculations for us. In a world where efficiency and productivity are key to an organisation, why aren’t we taught how to compute data through machines, or at least given preview to how and where these mathematical functions can play a role in our future lives (unless your future life is one of a math/ science background)

We’re not taught real-life basic applications which help us to face the world, ground running. We’re not taught how to budget, how to fill a tax form, how to invest capital to ensure a financially stable future. For that matter, we’re not given the right networking skills, we’re also not taught how to build a personality in order to get a job, or present yourself in the real world. Yet we know how to find the derivative of a derivative.

If we’re not taught and explained such rudimentary, basic facts of life, how are we suppose to ease into the real world, and adapt to life’s working as fast as possible.

I’m not saying that Math or the education system is bad. I’m not against learning, but I’m against the concept of backward systems. The education system is yet one system that needs to progress faster and better, otherwise remain preserved in a time period which doesn’t benefit one at all.


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4 thoughts on “The wonders of the Education System”

  1. Sorry, I didn’t feel like publicizing my name (because I don’t even know you personally; someone shared this on my wall) so I just put XYZ. (a big LOL if my email address shows up in the comment).
    Anyway, I just wanted to leave a comment here because I’m tired of people criticizing how math and the natural sciences aren’t useful to us anymore. There are two points I want to make about this:
    1) Technically, we don’t need to study great works of literature, foreign languages, historical events, etc etc. We can all have great jobs and earn lots of money without ever having to apply those to our work. But then why do we do so? Because it’s important to be aware of Culture (with a capital C!)- Culture is what gives us our identity and distinguishes us from other, less ‘sophisticated’ species. The same goes for mathematics. Many people can’t see the beauty in an acclaimed poem; many can’t see why we need to learn a foreign language when we can just use Google Translate or some equivalent, but the fact is that until a certain age (and eighteen is really not that old) we do need to be exposed to all these areas of knowledge (getting quite TOK there) so that, if not acquire Culture, we can at least have some basic knowledge of these fields. [soz for the grammar there].
    2) Maths and the natural sciences ARE useful. Not everything can be done on a calculator, and even if it can, that’s not the point. If you need to design the framework of, say, a rocket, or create a survey (for statistics) you need to understand the principles behind the number crunching! (And obviously then throw it into the calculator if you must. Otherwise bye-bye rocket). [Take it from a higher math student/prospective engineer- you REALLY do]. Same goes for the natural sciences. I’m sorry but unless you’re willing to mindlessly sit in a car and not wonder why your body gets thrown to the right if the car swerves left, or blindly follow your doctor’s instructions without really knowing how true his words are, then SURE the natural sciences are useless for you 🙂 But if you want to be an independent thinker, no not really.
    sorry for the overuse of the parentheses. peace


  2. TO XYZ
    I don’t think you understand the gist of what Vihaan is talking about. He’s not saying that studies such as the natural sciences or maths should be discouraged. He is simply stating that the system us students are being taught in is not fully developed as it does not in any way relate to the real life or give students a chance to apply the theories such as calculus or integration in real life. Only a select few individuals would actually use these for formulas, and all of them would be taking Higher Math instead of studies or SL. He is not aimlessly declaring that the natural sciences are useless. And also as you stated ‘I’m sorry but unless you’re willing to mindlessly sit in a car and not wonder why your body gets thrown to the right if the car swerves left, or blindly follow your doctor’s instructions without really knowing how true his words are’ if you are in favour of the current education system and feel that it is adequate then allowing students to not pick subjects such as biology or physics would not allow them to understand what doctors are talking about and make them blindly follow their instructions. We live in a day and age where even without knowledge in a particular subject there are several sources of information available online for anyone to search up therefore making your point about following the doctors instructions blindly wrong.

    However, your point on culture is very relevant as even though subjects such as history might not help us in the future it does give us a self awareness of our culture and country and I also agree with your point about where we should have a basic understanding of each subject. However in a program such as the IB there should not be a huge need for students to study a foreign language as most of the students are already bilingual therefore learning a third language would be pointless and increase the stress and burden for that student.


  3. Interesting perspectives! On the same boat with you in many views. You are from an Internationally recognized backdrop feeling so, what about the Rural Kids? The reality is even more shocking for the many of the people, so they wish to go unnoticed rather being confronted with this educational system. Please visit love to have your opinions there and value it a lot 🙂 Following you…


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