Pick your own set of crayons


You know how in kindergarten your teacher used to give you a set of crayons to colour, and the off chance you got the set of bad crayons, you had no other option but to cry?
Yeah, try to go back to your kindergarten self and tell yourself to stand up, go to the teacher and ask her for a new set.

Really, this post is more than crayons, it’s about questioning knowledge you’re being fed. Have you ever just sat back in your chair, pen in your mouth and wondered whether the stuff your professor teaches you is actually correct. And if it is so, why?
We tend to just absorb knowledge that is given to us, rather than trying to understand it or question it, and we just sit back, taking it as fact and don’t really get to the crux of anything.
Now I’m not saying your teachers are feeding you falsified information, but in this day and age, everywhere you go, you’re fed information- wether it is advertising, twitter, the Internet or a conversation with your friends at a bar.
The idea here is, if you don’t get something or learn something, don’t just accept it as true. Question it. Why? How? Really?
Stand up and pick your own set of crayons.

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