What People do in the gym

Okay, so this is a post about stuff people do at the gym, that I don’t understand…

1) Stand right in front of the mirror and looking at your gains..

This happens especially in the weights room. These big bulky guys just go right up to the mirror, flex and touch their muscles for hours in front of the mirror, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! Like yeah, sure look at your gains in your own time, or a quick glance in the mirror to check your progress out, but don’t just stand there, we get it, you’re an arrogant prick on steroids!

2) Take pictures of your progress in the locker-room

This happens so often, like the mirrors aren’t there to take photos of yourself, you self-obsessed idiot. SO don’t just stand there with your camera in front of the mirror to take photos. yeah, sure take progress photos to improve your motivation, but not publicly, therefore allowing yourself to look like an idiot.

3) When you’re on the machine, and you know it’s a busy day at the gym, don’t text and hold people up

You always tend to see these guys who just sit and hog machines, and aren’t even working out! They sit there, looking like they had a tiring workout (when they finished their last set 15 minutes ago) and they just sit there texting on their phones, like wtf dude move on!

4) Those class lad that post 600 photos of them working out on Facebook and Instagram

Chances are, they only went to the gym to take shots next to big weights just to impress you. Like it’s the gym, yeah you’re progressing, you have big gains, but no one gives a shit about your body that much that you need to put the pictures up on Facebook. Like CAN YOU PLEASE JUST NO.

5) Those buff guys who seem to just make weird expressions when lifting light weights

There’s always one guy who is big, but then lifts light weights and has the most excruciating pain face, like he’s benching 100kg. Like bro, good try, but you’re not kidding anyone.

6) In the locker-room, when guys just roam around with their junk on display.

Okay so after your workout, you hit the shower room, strip out of your clothes and hit the shower. BUT then you have these guys who are comfortable being naked and having serious conversations about life and its meaning. Hey bud, yeah no, not when we’re both in the nude. No one wants to see your junk. It’s uncomfortable.


Okay, so there’s my post on things people do at the gym that I don’t understand. I’m sure there’s tonnes of stuff I’ve forgotten, so let me know in the comments section on anything you guys see people do in the gym and just don’t understand.

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