Love yourself- let’s face it someone has to…

I’m not mocking your love life here at all, as it may suggest. This post is about understanding the importance if you
That’s right. You are your most important person. I always wondered why this was. Have you ever thought when watching one of those in flight safety videos “no I’d rather put the oxygen mask on someone else before myself” well so have I. And here’s why you should put that mask on you first.

You dominate your mind. You set limits, standards and dictate your strengths and weaknesses.
No matter how much people tell you that they’re always looking out for you and care for you, there always tends to be a selfish intention in their words, however subconscious it might seem.
Some people, in the most naive form, try to put others down so they can succeed. You’d notice that at your work place, in university and even in society. Or for that matter, at any level or ring of the social and professional strata.
The key thing to do is not let them get to you. Fight and fight on because that’s what you’ll have to do.
Take the blows until you find it from somewhere within you to deliver that knockout under-cutter.
It’s only yourself that can make you realize what you’re capable off. So believe. Believe in yourself and just keep pushing.
You got this!

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