Hug Someone

Affection is one of humans’ basic needs. Lets face it, all of us know that affection is an essential part of feeling happy or complete. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a live relationship, but we all need friends. Humans evolved from animals that lived and moved in big herds of families and this need of wanting and affection remains in us intrinsically since the prehistoric times.
We’ve all felt those low moments where we feel that we’re not wanted or not wanted by someone in particular. It’s a horrible feeling and many of us fear that feeling of being left alone or left lonely.
I’ll be honest enough to say that I fear loneliness.
Remember there’s always more to life- work life. We all lead one of those but it’s important to have and maintain an adequate social life. We need friends, it’s a sense of comfort and security that we all require. It’s like our own safety blanket.
So why not ensure have a social life, it’ll help you stay happy, and in turn, make others happy too. So just hug someone!
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