My Summer Getaway

Alright so school got exhausting and summer was finally arriving, and I was super eager to get out. So we left. AND we flew down South to Sydney, Australia. It was my first time there and bloody hell it was an amazing week. I was so super pumped about Sydney that I googled the places to hit while I was down there.

One thing I love about Sydney is their super amazing pub culture. Like the pubs are just super fantastic! So we land in the morning and we head to our hotel. The Marriott was our humble abode for a week! So we get there to our hotel and I was really pumped about being in a new city, with a nippy cold hot weather- I just had to take a stroll. So I walk down to the Opera House ( yeah, no big) which is like 5 minutes from our hotel and it was magnificent, much better than the postcards.

I fell in love almost instantaneously. The sunny skies, a new contingent, the amazing weather– I don’t know what it was that got me hooked on. Plus, I love new cities, exploring them walking around and just taking it in.

In this blog post, I’m not going to bore you with what I did everyday (although, if you’re heading down there and you want tips, drop them in the comments below)

So here are my highlights:

1) Circular Quay

The Sydney Skyline :')
The Sydney Skyline :’)

Okay so this was the area I was staying at- it’s like the Central Business District of Sydney so you’ll see people in suits, pubs filled with them by 5pm and big financial brands like Citi, Morgan Stanley, etc. ALSO, it’s the main shopping area as well, with George Street which is like a Shopping Boulevard. The best bit is, if you look at the buildings, they’ve been preserved since the colonial times so they still have their old names, like Burberry is where the old Bank of New South Wales was. It’s super historical and really you see the stark contrast between the colonial periods and the 21st Century Cosmopolitan Sydney.

2) Pubs and beer

My Pure Blonde Beer from the tap
My Pure Blonde Beer from the tap

Yeah so I’m actually not that alcoholic, but this is fantastic. There are so many pubs like Oh My God! Make sure you do a pub crawl, I’ll link you guys to the one I did at the end of this post. It’s fantastic. Pubs are always packed every evening and every night. There are some old pubs that have been preserved. You just have to check out these two pubs: 1) Fortune of War Pub, it’s on George Street and Sydney’s oldest pub opened in 1828. The second being the Morrison Bar. It’s like those typical 1950 bars you’d see in Brooklyn, New York. Just fantastic. OH and the beer there is to die for, try the Pure Blonde Beer it is just perfectly brewed beer (I bet some Germans will read this and laugh) but this is actually an amazing brew.

3) The Sydney Cricket Ground

Sydney Cricket Ground from the Member's Pavilion
Sydney Cricket Ground from the Member’s Pavilion

This is for all you fellow cricket lovers. THIS IS A MUST VISIT. It’s one of the oldest cricket grounds that still maintains its history. You take one step in and you’re taken back to the 1800s. The Dressing room, the Bradman Bar, the Members Pavillion– it’s all like it was back in the 1800s. This is the ground where Bradman scored 452*. How could you not take a peak, it’s just absolutely fantastic. I’m not going to ruin it for you, but trust me it’s a must. The tour’s 1.5 hours long, but they’ll go by so fast. AND it’s one of the few professional fields they allow you to walk on the pitch, so go check it out.

4) Bondi Beach


Ever been to the perfect beach ever? Bondi’s exactly that. Gold sands, dark blue waters, huge waves and magnificent blue skies. It’s the best place to just sit and relax and enjoy a cold one. Absolutely fantastic. It’s about an hour and a half from Sydney, so you could easily waste half a day in the least over there. Probably, if I had the time, I’d visit it just once more. Just so magnificent! :’)

Alright so here’s my super long post about Sydney, hope you enjoyed what I had to share! If you want to talk about your trip down there, please leave it down on the comments section.

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and here’s the pub crawl you must do for a fun night out:

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