That person who doesn’t study, but gets an A – yeah, that’s a lie.

Everybody knows that kid who “doesn’t” study and gets an A in class. You know what, it’s a lie.

It usually isn’t possible to get an A without studying. You feel like that person’s gifted and has some bionic intelligence that somehow gets them those A grades. Honestly, it’s not true. Chances are, you’re probably smarter than those people, but you’re not putting the effort in. Success has a lot of effort in it. You can’t expect to wake up one day and be like, yeah I don’t need to work. Smell the roses, you do. Those kids who tell you don’t work, actually spend less time actually studying, and more time chilling, and that’s why whenever you talk to them, it seems like they don’t work.

The thing is, they’re more efficient. While you work 7 hours a day, with your laptop and phone on, talking to people, they probably works 3 hours a day, with no distractions, get what they need to done, and then do nothing. It seems like the biggest hoax, but it’s honestly not rocket science when you think about it.

Why not be one of them, work efficiently, spend less time working, get the A, and then be the envy of your peers, it’s slightly devilish to say this, but yeah the feeling’s good! 😉


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