Stop whining, Start doing

So, you know those people who look for sympathy all the time? Those people who complain about the fact they have three essays due on the same day? Yeah- you. Stop whining, Start doing. Chances are, you haven’t started them, till the very last minute, then you go on to your Twitters and Facebooks and post, “fml, three assignments due tomorrow, LOL” Then you stay up all night, working somehow to get them done, and once you get them back, you’re like “damn, that’s not a pleasant grade.”

Thing is, if you actually started doing these essays earlier, you would have worked on them, and probably gotten them done before the night prior to submission. Also, then you procrastinate on Facebook, and stalk your friends over and over again, honey, there’s nothing new they’ve done in the last 10 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating, just, statically, you spend most of your time doing nothing, whining and complaining, instead of working, instead you could have done the job, gotten over with it and stalked your friends over and over again, no worries.

You can apply this to your life in many ways- Stop whining, Start doing. Instead of wasting time cribbing about it, looking for sympathy, get the job done, and then you get that certain sense of achievement and freedom, it’s wonderful- try it sometime. Start doing.


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